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Another Victory

Last week our office received an approval notice for an Application to Reapply for Admission After Deportation or Removal (Form I-212) we filed on behalf of one of our clients. The approval came within on month of filing.

In a nutshell, about two years ago our client was not allowed to enter the United States while traveling on a tourist visa. The immigration officers at Newark Airport suspected that my client worked without permission in the United States during his prior stay on a tourist visa (B-2 visa). Subsequently he was denied entry, his B-2 visa was revoked, and he was placed into expedited removal proceedings, which happened inside the airport.

The same day he was put on a flight back to his country of origin. He now had an outstanding order of removal, and pursuant to the United States law now barred from receiving any kind of visas during the next five years from the date of the incident.

With our help, my client's US citizen fiance applied for a K-1 visa for him. After the K-1 petition was approved, my client underwent an interview with a consular officer in his home country. We then submitted with USCIS an APPLICATION TO REAPPLY FOR ADMISSION AFTER DEPORTATION OR REMOVAL (FORM I-212).

The form had to be reviewed by USCIS office with the jurisdiction over where the expedited removal proceedings took place. In this case it was USCIS office in Newark. The I-212 waiver was approved in exactly one month after our submission.

There is not standard processing time for this particular type of a request. Luckily for our client, this particular request was processed within an usually short period of time. And we are very happy for him, and are once again reminded that you never know what is possible until you give a try.

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